Identity Production Section Openers

Identity Reflexion—Context Sensitive
The way in which identity functions as an reflex mechanism. It is formed, hidden or revealed through social means and public exposure.1 In this section, I emphasize the importance of contexts, and demonstrate how content can be reshaped and redefined through different framing mechanisms.

Identity Manifestation—Visualize Virtualizations
I consider identity as a generative process; how it is developed and manifested in the context of contemporary culture where digital tools and media platforms perform the authority. In this section, I investigate alternative ways of revealing and presenting digital identities as the components to construct the full self.

Identity Verification—Tool As Evidence
Identity Verification looks into the situations that multiplicities are relatively tenable within different contexts, which jeopardizes the very notion of authenticity. Identity as an intrinsic quality with its external validations stretches out a gap, where unregistered identities fall within a zone of in-between. (People without IDs and certifications become unregistered and disappear in the world. The state of disassociation between the digital profile(s) and the physical self. Captcha code registers humanity.) In this section, I explore the role of these “contemporary evidences” that “defines” the undefinable.