Hey, Candidate

Hey, Candidate discusses how identity is constructed through information dissemination. The limitation of the media offers viewers to perceive the images of the candidates through a surface-driven lens. The goal is to reassemble the three-dimensional configurations by using two-dimensional public imagery.

A series of selfie and selfie actions are collected through social media platforms under #Hillary #selfie #ImWithHer #HillaryForPresident #hope, et cetera. These fragments are sequenced based on the spatial relationship. With the images functioning as frames, I manage to render an animation of a candidate’s appearance in 360 degrees.

The video is projected in the same proportion as the candidate (5′ 5″), where a digitalized performance achieves its physical attributes. The piece is presented with the represented images, and I invite viewers to conduct another round of presentation by taking selfies with the piece.  

It is essentially a generated visual that examines the relationship between the self and its manifestations. I attempted to investigate alternative ways of representing digital identities as the components for constructing the full self.